Payroll Service in Cornwall

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Want to be well looked after?

Payline South West has been managing payrolls for over 20 years.

Our professional team of experts will ensure your payroll is processed accurately and on time, every time.

Here at Payline South West our friendly and experienced team manage the payrolls of a multitude of clients. Our payroll services keep up with the latest HMRC regulations and red tape, so our clients are saved this time-consuming distraction.

Our Payroll Supervisors:


Nic joined in 2001. She has a comprehensive understanding of the payroll requirements of our client employer base, which ranges from retail and agriculture to leisure, tourism and healthcare employers. Nic has the IAB Diploma level 3 in Payroll Administration.


Nicky has the IAB Diploma level 3 in Payroll Administration and has been with the firm since 2018.

The supervisors are assisted by various staff on a periodic basis.